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Damned China is Committing Genocide Against the Uyghur Turks
Damned China is Committing Genocide Against the Uyghur Turks

Damned China is Committing Genocide Against the Uyghur Turks

Damned China is Committing Genocide Against the Uyghur Turks

Damned China is Committing Genocide Against the Uyghur Turks

By committing genocide against the Muslim Uyghur Turks living in Eastern Turkestan, the Chinese government has been taking revenge on the Turks for the incidents that caused the construction of the Great Wall of China and they have also waged war against Islam. The Chinese government’s only aim is to make everybody communists just like they are. If communism were such a wonderful thing, why would they be executing people to convince them to become communists? If it were such a good thing, they would have accepted this ideology themselves. Communism is based upon bullying. It is based on executing people who do not agree with it. All humanity must unite against this atrocity. This intervention should not be limited to the Chinese Government and it should be extended to all governments commiting genocide against their own people. The necessary steps must be taken against all the governments forbidding fasting during Ramadan, shooting people who perform salaat, and tormenting those who pray.

Intervention must be targeted at the governments that are systematically committing genocide, atrocities and oppression against Christians, Jews and people of other faiths on the basis of their religion, and it should not be limited to atrocities against Islam.

The main policy of the Ottoman Empire was “Keep your people alive so that you can keep the State alive”, while the main policy of the Chinese Government is to kill everyone who do not share their opinions. They are carrying out systematic assimilation in line with this policy. In this manner, the Chinese government interferes with the education system of people in Eastern Turkestan and they are trying to assimilate Uyghur Turks by filling their education system with nonsensical pieces of information. In the meantime, they execute people who perform salaat to threaten other Uyghur Turks. Upon killing married men who fast and perform salaat, they rape their wives and give their children to Chinese families for adoption. While all this happens, the world is watching in silence. The world should band together and put an end to these injustices and atrocities. What they are going through today can happen to any one of us tomorrow. We have to make our voices heard before it is too late. Otherwise we will have no voice to cry and there will be no ears to hear us.

It is forbidden to grow a beard, wear long skirts, and choose not to drink.

More than one million Uyghur children are being kept in high-walled camps with woven-wire fences. In addition, these camps have everything from watchtowers to woven-wire fences. The fates of those in the camps are unknown. Nothing has been heard from those who went into the camps. Eastern Turkestanis, who have escaped from China and have taken refuge in neighboring countries, are repatriated with Chinese pressure and executed.

Han Chinese are being placed and settled in Eastern Turkestan.

In this context, historical buildings in Eastern Turkestan are being destroyed in an effort to erase the Uyghur history. They are Muslims, and they are Turks, too. They are not different from Palestinians, in fact they need more help. However, for some reason, they can never find the support they need.

The problem is not the Chinese people, but the Chinese government. The Chinese people are good, the Chinese government is evil.

The Chinese people are aware of the atrocities and they react greatly to what is happening. But the Chinese government reacted too harshly to the protests against the government and imposed the same atrocities on its own people. But then, different opinions are always crushed and destroyed in communist systems. This is the main difference of communism from democracy. Different views are never tolerated. If this continues at this rate, there will not be a single Muslim Turk in Eastern Turkestan. If necessary, they should all be placed in Turkey.


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